Since 2006, NorthWest Scale Modelers has been privileged to collaborate with The Museum of Flight to stage model displays in the museum lobby. Each display follows a theme negotiated in advance with the museum; for example, “Spitfire!” was a salute to the Supermarine Spitfire in its many variants, in different scales and markings.

Previous NWSM Lobby Displays

Current Display – War-Weary Makeover: Assembly Ships of the 8th Air Force


Oct 2023 – Monograph: F-86 (Bates/Perry)

Feb 2024 – Red Menace: Soviet Cold War Jets (Kruize)
Jun 2024 – Early Air Racing (Newcome)
Oct 2024 – Yellow Wings:1919-40 (Nelson)

Feb 2025 – Project Cancelled (Girling)
Jun 2025 – Night Fighters (Makar)
Oct 2025 – Monograph: Bf-109 (Murphy)

Feb 2026 – Celebrity & Band Aircraft (Makar)
Jun 2026 – Bomber Command (Bates)
Oct 2026 – Naval Carrier Aircraft (Makar)

Feb 2027 – Monograph: 737 (60th anniversary)
Jun 2027 – Epic Long Distance Flights (Nelson)
Oct 2027 – Northern Aviation (Conrard/Newcome)

Previous NWSM Lobby Displays

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